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Compiled by David R. Black and Michael Hutchison

DCU Information

Vanishing Point
Hall of Justice (origins)
DCU 101
Superman 101
The Golden Age
Oracle's Files


The Metal Men - How the 1994 Metal Men mini-series contradicted most of their previous history -- Michael Hutchison
Urban Legends -- Batman an urban myth? C'mon! -- Marc Campbell
Aging - What do you do when some characters age and others don't? -- Michael Hutchison
Dead Man Walking - How can the Thinker be dying In Flash if he was already killed in the Suicide Squad? -- Michael Hutchison
Time Travel - The rules of Time Travel, post-Crisis -- Michael Hutchison
Green Lantern's retcons - There are more than you'd think! -- Christopher Stansfield
Retconvention -- Retcons of the Golden Age -- Christopher Stansfield

DCU 101

Invasion Remembered -- Simon Brown
Black Canary's two origins -- Simon Brown
Ambush Bug in Action! -- Simon Brown
Swords and Shrinkery: Sword of the Atom -- Simon Brown
Hawkman's adventures in World's Finest -- Simon Brown
Solomon Grundy -- Simon Brown
Green Lantern in Action, pt. 2 -- Simon Brown
The Books of Magic -- Simon Brown
J'onn J'onzz, Over and Over -- Michael Hutchison
Superman Elseworlds, part 2 -- Benjamin Grose
Strange Days of Adam Strange -- Matt Morrison & Michael Hutchison
The Titans Timeline-- Alan Kistler
Superman Elseworlds, part 3-- Benjamin Grose
Superman Elseworlds, part 4-- Benjamin Grose

Superman 101

The Man Of Steel is retold -- Benjamin Grose
Ben concludes his review of "Man of Steel" -- Benjamin Grose
The Byrne era relaunch of the Superman books -- Benjamin Grose
Superman #2 review, plus discussions -- Benjamin Grose
Adv. of Superman #425 & Action Comics #585 -- Benjamin Grose
April Fool's Edition - Three Superman reviews -- Benjamin Grose

Vanishing Point

Who Is Like God? -- Mario Di Giacomo
The Devil You Say! -- Mario Di Giacomo
Hawkman -- Mario Di Giacomo
Crimson Dawn -- Mario Di Giacomo
Something fishy about this one -- Mario Di Giacomo
The New Gods -- Mario Di Giacomo
Robin's Revamps -- Louise Freeman Davis
The Final Fate of Fate? -- Mario Di Giacomo
From Batgirl to Oracle -- Mario Di Giacomo! -- Mario Di Giacomo

Hall of Justice (Origin Stories)

Nightshade -- Michael Hutchison
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! -- Michael Hutchison
Six origins of JLA bad guys! -- Prof. Ivo, Felix Faust, Starro, T.O. Morrow, Lord of Time and Amazo -- Michael Hutchison
Sir Justin, the Shining Knight -- Michael Hutchison
Children of the Atom: Damage and Nuklon -- Michael Hutchison
Mr. Mxyzptlk -- Russell Burlingame
The pretty public origin of Elongated Man! -- Michael Hutchison
Arsenal -- Mario Di Giacomo
Raven -- George Gustines
Two Flashes, Two Supergirls -- Russell T. Burlingame
Lois Lane -- Mario Di Giacomo
Kal-L, the first Superman -- Mario Di Giacomo
Ook! -- Mario Di Giacomo
War Characters of the DCU -- Michael Hutchison
Cyborg/Cyberion/Robotman -- Alan Kistler
Two-Face -- Alan Kistler
Sandman-- Alan Kistler
The Original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett -- Alan Kistler
Alfred Pennyworth, loyal butler -- Alan Kistler
History of the Doom Patrol -- Alan Kistler
Batman One Million -- Alan Kistler
The Origins of Johnny Quick and Max Mercury -- Alan Kistler
Aztek, the guy with the weird gold helmet! -- Alan Kistler
From Chase, it's the Justice Experience! -- Alan Kistler
Hawk and Dove and Dove -- Alan Kistler
Bio of the Justice League organization -- Alan Kistler &: Steve Conroy
The Flying Graysons and other relatives. -- John Wells
Nightmaster -- John Wells
Black Canary Timeline -- John Wells
Barbara Gordon Timeline -- John Wells
Black Lightning and Tobias Whale -- Michael Hutchison; art by Philip Meadows
The Legion Constitution -- John L. Censullo -- Read the charter that governs the Legion!
Black Canary -- John Wells
From the files of Green Arrow: Profiles on GA villains! - - John Wells
The last HOJ column! Featuring two Outsiders villains! -- David R. Black

The Golden Age

The Golden Age, Part 1 -- Jonathan Bogart
The Golden Age, Part 2 -- Jonathan Bogart
The Golden Age, Part 4 -- How young should a superhero be? -- Jonathan Bogart
The Golden Age, Part 5 -- A look at magical characters of the 40s -- Jonathan Bogart

Oracle's Files

Oracle's gaze falls upon....Cat-Man -- by John Wells
The villainous Cadre - in all their incarnations -- by John Wells
Julie Madison - Bruce Wayne's golden age girlfriend -- by John Wells
Alfred Pennyworth - More than just a butler -- by John Wells
Cognitive reasoning deduces a profile on the Thinker! -- by John Wells
The Power Company: Year One Footnotes -- by John Wells
The strange story of Batman's affair with Marcia Monroe! -- by John Wells
Profiling the criminal organizations of the DCU -- by John Wells
Bios on Anti-Lad and Bat-Girl Betty Kane! -- by John Wells
Profiling Police Comics' powerhouse and Plastic Man's pal... Burp the Twerp! -- by John Wells

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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