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Compiled by David R. Black and Michael Hutchison


Brainstorm's Corner
DC Universe: The Animated Series

Brainstorm's Corner

Captain Carrot and the New Zoo Crew -- Michael Hutchison
Detective Comics Special -- The Elongated Man and Sue face certain death on a sea cruise! -- Michael Hutchison
Mystery In Space -- An Adam Strange Graphic Novel -- Todd Frye
Altered Egos -- Can the Joker and the rest of the JLA defeat the villainous Superman? -- Michael Hutchison
Rose In Bloom -- Louise Freeman Davis -- Nightwing investigates Jill the Ripper
Global Guardians -- Kurt Belcher
New Primal Force -- Kurt Belcher
A Legion Hannukah tale -- Chaim Mattis Keller
Titans West? -- Kurt Belcher
The "Monster Society of America" -- Kurt Belcher
Plastic Man -- Plas gets a series in this fanatically-researched proposal our springboard gourmet! -- Kurt Belcher
Captain Comet -- Kurt springs an excellent proposal for a Captain Comet series. Be sure to check it out! -- Kurt Belcher
The Clock --What? You've never heard of the Clock? -- Kurt Belcher
Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew -- A little something different this month! -- The Brothers Grinn
Guy Gardner -- Guy Gardner Reborn...AGAIN! -- Kurt Belcher
Batman 2939 -- by "Joekerr"
JLE: the Justice League...of Erik! -- by Erik Burnham
Hawkman, The Return -- Grant Giandonato
Batman V - A movie proposal! -- by Kurt Belcher
The Dark Continent Defender, B'wana Beast! -- by David R. Black
Not Close Enough - Featuring Guy Gardner! -- by David R. Black
JLA: Lords of Time -- by David R. Black
Aerial Domain -- by David R. Black -- An Elseworlds proposal starring the DCU's pilots
Last Son of Vlatava -- by David R. Black -- A Superman & Count Vertigo Elseworlds proposal!
Mystery in Space! -- by D.J. LoTempio -- Adam Strange, the JLA, the Chosen, and the Zamorans!
Firestorm: The Revamp -- by Andrew Pellerito
Korah: Tales Of Atlantis -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- A proposal for an epic exploration of the underwater worlds of the DCU!

DCU: The Animated Series

DCU: The Animated Series -- Michael Hutchison and Bob Riley -- We propose new episodes of the Superman/Batman Adventures which would introduce other DCU characters.
DCU: The Animated Series -- Michael Hutchison and Bob Riley
We incorporate more of our favorite superheroes into the "Batman/Superman Adventures"
DCU: The Animated Series -- Michael Hutchison & Bob Riley
DCU: The Animated Series -- Bob Riley -- Phantom Stranger & Captain Marvel
DCU: The Animated Series -- art Bob Riley -- A reader-contibuted Valor story
DCU: The Animated Series -- art Bob Riley -- Guest writer David Schock intros...Death!
DCU: The Animated Series -- Michael Hutchison and Bob Riley -- The Elongated Man Mysteries
DCU The Animated Series -- Michael Hutchison & Bob Riley -- The Metal Men get their own show
DCU: The Animated Series -- art by Bob Riley -- Louise and Marilee cook up a batty idea.

DCU: The VIDEO GAME -- Michael Hutchison -- DC's new fighting game encounters some problems.

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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