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Choices: -- What if the multiverse still existed? Nightwing finds out when he's accidentally transported to Earth-2! -- Marilee Stephens
Choices Chapters
1: Prologue
2: Robin & Huntress
3: The JSA
4: The JLA
5: Starfire, Robin & Batman
6: New Members of the Family
7: At The Manor
8: The Stake-Out
9: New Friendships
10: The Titans
11: Facing The Past
12: Shattered
13: Confrontations
14: Flying
15: Conversations
16: Hitting the Streets
17: On the Trail
18: Through the Mirror, Darkly

Weekend at Hal's -- Hal Jordan's the life of the party. Only one problem. He's dead...and the other Green Lanterns don't want the JLA to find out! -- Elseworlds comedy Jon Karl Haynes
Cold Metal, Part 1 -- In this theoretical "Metal Men: The Animated Series" episode, Doctor Magnus puts an end to Platinum's flirting...with dire consequences for the Metal Men! -- Michael Hutchison
Cold Metal, Part 2 -- Platinum stalks the Metal Men, one by one! -- Michael Hutchison
Who Do You Think You Are, Bruce Willis? -- The Joker is holding thousands of people hostage...and Batman is busy. Can an unknown man survive the Joker's deathtrap? -- Michael Hutchison
The Trial of Hal Jordan -- You didn't think he'd get away with murder, didja? -- Michael Hutchison
Superman: The Man of Steel -- The first installment in a script for a GOOD Superman movie. -- Erik Burnham
A Friend In Need -- Louise's first contribution to Fanzing is this tale of the Teen Titans which coincides with Speedy's drug addiction in "Green Lantern/Green Arrow." -- Louise Freeman Davis
Dinner Party -- Superheroes don't always meet during battles! -- Wayne Hotu
Not My Kid -- Are the Teen Titans ALL on drugs? Allegations in a tabloid frustrate the Teen Titans in this sequel to "A Friend In Need". Acomments on our trial-by-media culture. -- Louise Freeman Davis
Paths of Life -- Harking back to the days of DC's sci -- fi characters, this story explores the backgrounds of Manhunter 2070, Star Hawkins and ??? -- Chaim Mattis Keller
A Crown To The Aged -- Louise Freeman Davis -- An alternate view of "Kingdom Come" from the side of the ex-Teen Titans.
"...Who, Disguised As..." -- Louise Freeman Davis -- Impulse needs a costume for Halloween.
Air Force Two -- Michael Hutchison -- Al Gore's plane gets hi-jacked.
Firestorm in "The Long Way Home" -- Andrew Wickliffe -- Ronnie Raymond assesses his life to date
Star Hawkins in "The Reborn Ripper" -- Chaim Mattis Keller -- back!
Stepping Up -- Frank A. Lauro -- Is Kid Flash ready to be a hero on his own?
Crisis Epilogue -- Alan Kistler -- Hal Jordan says good-bye to his best friend.
All The 'Wing's Women -- Marilee Stephens and Louise Freeman Davis -- Donna Troy discusses Dick Grayson's love life with a mysterious redhead.
Dear Pop Haly -- Louise Freeman Davis -- A letter Dick Grayson
To Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound -- Andrew Wickliffe -- A story of Superman's early career.
A Doom's Day -- Shawn Murphy -- An Elseworlds story
My Girl -- Syl Francis -- Young Dick Grayson's first love.
Growing Pains -- Syl Francis -- The Teen jail!
The Waiting Room -- David Schock -- Who's the anxious father?
Thicker Than Water -- Louise Freeman Davis -- Wally West ponders his relationship with Impulse.
Space Cabbie the Space Daddy! -- Chaim Mattis Keller -- Cabbie finds himself responsible for an extra passenger. One that wears diapers!
Stinging Stars -- David R. Black -- The Shade recounts a tale of the Red Bee!
My Dinner With Termy -- Louise Freeman Davis -- Changeling and Deathstroke's dinner date.
People Get Ready -- Matt Taylor --Troia copes with her revised history
My Way -- Owen Allaway --A Fanzing newcomer, Owen introduces us to a new version of his fave villain, Killer Moth!
The Dam -- David Corsini --David's offering is a companion piece to "Choices"
The Crusaders -- Linda Thackeray -- A team-up of ex-JLI characters
Star Light -- Matt Morrison --A Starman/Green Lantern team-up
Go, Johnny, Go Go -- David R. Black -- A wartime tale of Johnny Quick!
The Hammer of Hell -- Dannell Lites -- Baron Hans Von Hammer meets some characters who aren't exactly WWI era!
Letting Go -- Dannell Lites -- Dick Grayson copes with Batman's death.
A Parent's Nightmare -- Syl Francis -- A terrorist group invades Gotham City Boys' Preparatory, but what are their demands?
Visions of Sugarplums -- Barbara Lien and Park Cooper -- A Christmas story with the Golden Age Sandman
Men of War, Wheel of Peace -- Michael Hutchison -- On Christmas of 1944, Sgt Rock and Easy Company must team up with special agent Gravedigger to stop an all-new War Wheel that could change the outcome of World War II!
The Case of the Mining Mishaps -- Chaim Mattis Keller -- A Star Hawkins Mystery -- Sex, gold, gambling and political intrigue...what more could you want?
Conversation With A Legend -- Dannell Lites -- A pre-reboot Valor story dealing with his unwanted status as the "Messiah" of the 30th Century
Young Heroines In Love -- Barb Lien and Park Cooper -- A very short, very funny comic book script by Barb and Park reveals what happens when Oracle gets ticked off at the Huntress for stealing Nightwing!
A Day Of Infamy -- Syl Francis -- On a train trip to the nation's capital, German enemy agents kidnap Dick Grayson. Will Batman rescue him before Bruce Wayne is forced to turn over Top Secret information in exchange for his ward's life?
The Dark Continent Defender -- David R. Black --The Adventures of Africa's Leading Superhero
The Other Batman -- Bill Kte'pi --A disturbing look at a different direction for Batman.
Justice League -- Armageddon -- Matt Fusari --An Elseworlds take on the Giffen-era Justice League with an all-new Green Lantern.
Friend Or Foe -- Rachel Ehrlich --Nightwing encounters a wildebeest in Blüdhaven
Being Jon Peters -- Matt Morrison -- Blue Beetle & Booster Gold find a doorway that lets them be Batman movie producer Jon Peters.
Midnight Mail Madness -- David R. Black -- Can a Golden Age mystery man defeat the bad guys & get his taxes off to the other bad guys by midnight?
When You're Older -- Joshua Elder -- Superman faces a situation even he can't solve when he is asked to help a dying girl.
The Family Business -- David Schock -- The teenage daughter of supervillains decides to enter the family business.
And the Wisdom to Know the Difference -- Barb Lien and Park Cooper-- Baron Winters entertains some special guests.
Nightwing - Tommorrow Night -- Marc Araujo -- Nightwing joins the JLA after Batman's death..
The Letter -- David Schock -- A Kingdom Come Elseworlds Tale
The Narc -- Syl Francis -- A new student with a record of disciplinary problems reports to Blüdhaven's notorious Arlington Heights High School, a school overrun with gangs, guns and drugs, but the real danger has yet to show its face.
The Narc: Part Two -- Syl Francis
Sixteen Candles
-- Dannell Lites -- So Superboy is ALWAYS going to be sixteen, eh?
Solace -- Kerithwyn Jade -- A Pre-Reboot Legion Story
Superman and Man -- "Dark Mark" -- Superman and Christopher Reeve spend a day trapped in each other's bodies.
Legacy of the Dark Knight -- Ali -- Detailing the adventures of the Batman of 2150.
Death Day -- Michael Rees -- Chronos is trapped in a temporal loop forcing him to view the final moments of various DC superheroes.
For The Guy Who Has Everything -- Syl Francis -- Nightwing gives Batman a unique Father's Day gift
The Unusual Mission -- Adrian Tullberg -- Batman teams with the JLA
Through The Looking Glass -- Syl Francis -- A living nightmare plagues Dick Grayson.
Star Light: Part 2 -- Matt Morrison -- Light Lunch -- Jack Knight and Green Lantern team up to defeat...the dreaded Red Light
The Case At Hand -- Adrian Tullberg -- A parody of Batman's impeachment by the JLA
The Green Green Glove -- Jack Morman -- Green Arrow, Green Lantern and the Atom deal with a crime spree by two dangerous villains.
The Night Stalker -- Syl Francis -- Nightwing must track a serial murderer with the help of characters from"Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
The Case of the Imperfect Imposter -- Chaim Mattis Keller -- A Star Hawkins mystery
There's Something About Arthur -- Adrian Tullberg -- Why IS Aquaman in the J.L.A.?
Robin's Song -- Dannell Lites -- A Nightwing story narrated by Nightwing
You Gave Me Wings -- Syl Francis -- Dick asks Barbara to give something to Bruce in case anything ever happens to him.
Someone To Watch Over Me -- Syl Francis -- While on a mission in an eastern European country, Black Canary is taken prisoner. Batman and Nightwing immediately launch a rescue mission
Five Hours To Kill -- Syl Francis -- Christopher Chance, the Human Target, must save the President of the USA from an assassination plot!
All Fall Down -- Syl Francis -- Young Dick Grayson is kidnapped - Can Batman find him before Bruce Wayne pays the ransom?
Fathers -- Amy Antonucci -- Police officer Dick Grayson is shot in the line of duty!
Revelation -- Syl Francis -- So now you know how it feels, Bats!
Batman, The Focus Group -- Robert Doucette -- Bruce Wayne uses Waynecorp resources to develop a new concept.
I'll Never Let You Fall -- Terri Hayes-- The aftermath of Barbara Gordon's crippling injury, as seen through the eyes of Nightwing.
Innocent Bystanders -- Michael Rees-- Black Canary must rescue an innocent in the middle of a fight with Intergang.
Cover Me -- Syl Francis -- A Waynecorp employee has a mysterious encounter with a woman. No, we're not that kind of magazine. Get your head out of the gutter.
Reverie -- Terri Hayes-- The anniversary of Barbara's encounter with Joker.
Confrontation -- Adrian Tullberg-- Adrian strikes again with another short satire!
The Chair -- Dannell Lites -- Nightwing reacts to the events following Knightfall.
When First I Knew -- Jim Greeno -- One of the last Babs-and-Dick stories.
Do We Not Bleed -- Marla F. Fair -- A Legion of Superheroes tales starring Andromeda and Brainiac 5
Fluency -- Kerrie Smith -- The new Batgirl doesn't think (or speak) like everybody else!
Bad Blood and Good Friends -- Nikoru-chan -- Bushido and Beast Boy setle their differences arising from last year's Titans annual.
The Unfantastic, Credible, Unastonishing, and Unreally Cool Adventures of Bizarro No. 1 (And Friends) -- Dark Mark -- Just what the title says!
Amalgamatoon -- Michael Condon -- Montana Maxwell Lord creates a superteam in this 'Tiny Toons' spoof on the JLI
It's A Dog's Life -- Dannell Lites -- Krypto sponsors Ace the Bathound for membership in the Space Canine Patrol Agency
Smalltown Boy -- Dannell Lites - An Elseworlds tale of Clark Kent and Mon El!
Friendship --Yusuf Madhiya - Clark Kent takes Bruce Wayne to Smallville
Emerald Legacy --Dannell Lites - What if Lar Gand (Mon-El) joined the Green Lantern Corps?
Honor Among Thieves --by Hazel- Superman must keep a myterious rendezvous, but the results are not what he expects
When Crooks Attack -- Jesse Stratton Supergirl must stop a clothing store from being robbed...without her powers
Heart of a Champion -- Dannell Lites -- A pre-Legion tale of Cosmic Boy Rokk Krin!
Showdown in Blood Haven -- C.W. Blaine -- A knock down, drag out Western starring Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, and Wally West as sheriff's deputies
The Nicest Place This Side of Mars -- Dark Mark -- J'onn J'onzz returns to his former home of Middletown
Fiction: Gotham Tales - The Watcher -- C.W. Blaine Why is Robin trailing a couple out for a night on the town?
The Ultimate Drug, v. 2.5 -- Hazel -- The Birds of Prey discuss an addiction with no cure!
The Helen O'Loy Blues -- Dark Mark -- Platinum writes a letter to Wonder Woman, telling her about the Metal Men's adventures
Spring Break -- David & Kati Schock -- A far out elseworld tale staring the daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman. Based on the animated movie series Project A-ko!
The Intervention -- David Schock -- A Kingdom Come story in which Wonder Woman confronts Superman.
Sacrifices -- by Michael Rees -- What's wrong with Krypto? Can a young Clark (Superboy) Kent save him before it's too late?
OWOW (Oh why, oh why?) -- by Adrian Tullberg -- Duck and cover as Adrian parodies Our Worlds At War!
A Stranger in the House -- by David and Katie Schock -- A Project A-ko/Superman/Wonder Woman crossover
Spin Control -- by Arlene Pon -- A reporter for the Daily Squealer tries to discover Batman's secret ID, and nets interesting results!
Heroes -- by Dark Mark -- What good is having a Superman in a world where horror like the Trade Center disaster occur? This touching piece philosophizes on Superman's role in our culture.
Nostalgia -- by Michael Rees --In this Doom Patrol tale set in the Morrison era, Robotman must contend with a villain who steals memories!
Silent Knight, Lonely Knight -- by Syl Francis -- It's Christmas Eve and all through Gotham a lonely Bat stirs!
Reclamation -- by Michael Lane -- Mr. Freeze is back...and he'll do anything to reunite with his wife!
The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr. -- by Syl Francis -- Two kidnappers run afoul of their intended target!
Yellow Fever -- by Nicolas Juzda -- Can Green Lantern save an entire planet from the impact of a huge yellow meteor?
Under My Skin -- by Syl Francis -- Batman confronts Catwoman after Commissioner Gordon is shot!
Why Me? -- by Syl Francis -- The return of Twitchy and Jack, the two inept crooks introduced in The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr.!
Somebody Up There Hates Me! -- by Syl Francis -- Our favorite two ex-cons learn the meaning of Christmas
Boxers or Briefs? -- by Syl Francis -- Have you heard the old joke about the Texas A & M Aggie who buys boxers? This Titans silly-fic is based on that!
Brothers in Arms -- by Syl Francis -- Batman is trapped by the Joker during a bank robbery. Will it be Twitchy and Jack to the rescue?
Meet The Legion of Substitute Super-Pets -- by Nicolas Juzda -- Silver Age style extreme silliness with the Legion, for which Nicolas apologizes in advance
Unknown Glory? -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- General Glory and the Unknown Soldier team-up to stop a Nazi plot!
Perceptions -- by Mark Anderson -- One family sees Uncle Sam fight to protect the American Dream over three generations
Half Empty Bowl, Half Full -- by David J. LoTempio -- A 2nd helping of Chicken Soup For The Supervillain Soul! International intrigue in Vlatava imperils Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner!
Irregular Attraction -- by Adrian Tullberg -- A short JLA parody: Superman has a problem with the show Smallville
Disillusion -- by Adrian Tullberg -- How well did Bruce Wayne know his parents?
The Power of The Freak -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- The Powerpuff Girls and Freakazoid confront...the Boogie Man?
Genius Jones Meets The Star Spangled Kid -- by Gerald Wilson -- Can our two heroes solve the Puzzler's puzzle in time?
Shadows Of Things That May Come -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- The Shade recounts an occasion when he played hero!
Distrust, The Wannabe Superhero and the Debt Incurred -- by Mark Anderson -- Major Disaster is trying to make a new start, but his past is coming back to haunt him and his new team. An adventure of the new lineup JLA!
A Bird In The Hand -- by Nicolas Juzda -- The Trickster, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang go hunting!
Half Empty Bowl, Half Full: Part Two -- by David J. LoTempio -- The mystery in Vlatava deepens! Vertigo investigates as Blythe falls into enemy hands.
Read Part One!
Illusions -- Sheryl Chaisson -- Batman investigates the murder of an associate, but all is not what it seems!
Child Snatcher -- by Syl Francis -- Nightwing and Batman attempt to capture a child murderer with connections to Nightwing's past. WARNING: Mature Content
Christmas Interlude -- by Adrian Tullberg -- Who's under the mistletoe at the JLA Christmas Party?
Long Stretch -- written and illustrated by Mathew D. Rhys -- Is there a place for Stretch, from Hero Hotline, in the DCU?
The Evil Stepmother's Manifesto -- by Hazel von Nolastname -- Lois Lane and Clark Kent discuss a Grimm issue!
Burning Over -- by "Blinky the Tree Frog" -- Is Azrael losing his mind?
The Case Of The Really Dead Waiter -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- Elongated Man and Plastic Man team up to solve a murder!
Half Empty Bowl, Half Full, Part 3 -- by David J. LoTempio -- Count Vertigo discovers the truth behind the international intrigue surrounding Vlatava!
Echoes -- by "Blinky the Tree Frog" -- Sebastian Faust has been having a bad day...
Deconstruction of a Tragedy -- by "Blinky the Tree Frog" -- A Batman mystery told in reverse!
Come What May -- by Rosaline Terrill -- Powerless and lost, can the JLA and Zauriel survive T.O. Morrow's dastardly plan?


Nightwing: A Matter of Vengeance -- John WestcottA Nightwing mega-epic !
AMOV: Chapters 3 & 4-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 5 & 6-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 7 & 8-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 9 & 10-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 11 & 12-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 13 & 14-- John Westcott
AMOV: Chapters 15 & 16-- John Westcott

Kidnapped! -- Syl Francis -- Martha Wayne & her baby are kidnapped. Dr. Thomas Wayne and Johnny Grayson to the rescue. Or should we say, Dr. Mid-Nite and Kid Acrobat?
Kidnapped! Part 2 -- Syl Francis

Arena - Chapters 1 - 4 -- Linda Thackeray-- The sequel "The Crusaders", a team consisting of many members of the Justice League International.
Chapters 5 - 7
Chapters 8 - 10
Chapters 11 - 14
Chapters 15 - 18
Chapters 19 - 21
Chapters 22 - 24
Chapters 25 - epilogue

JLA/Titans -- INVASION! Syl Francis-- Intro, Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2. The Teen Titans meet the JLA for the first time. Meanwhile, an unknown menace has been spotted entering the galaxy on a direct line towards Earth!
Chapter 3 - 5
Chapter 6 - 8
Chapter 9 - 10
Chapter 11 - 13
Chapter 14 - 15
Chapter 16 - 18
Chapter 19 - 20
Chapter 21 - 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25

Batman -- DNA -- Jon Karl Haynes -- Batman saves a Senator's life. What will it cost him?
Batman -- DNA: Part 2 -- Jon Karl Haynes -- A senator has Batman's secret identity. Now...what to do with it?
Batman -- DNA: Part 3 -- Jon Karl Haynes -- What would you do with Batman's I.D.?
Batman -- DNA: Part 4 -- Jon Karl Haynes -- Conclusion: The Senator who knows Batman's ID runs afoul of The Joker.

I Am Grodd -- Joel Ellis Rea -- Remember the Flash TV show? Joel pens an episode introducing Gorilla Grodd!
I Am Grodd: Part 2 -- Joel Ellis Rea -- Joel's proposed "Flash" TV show episode continues
I Am Grodd: Part 3 -- Joel Ellis Rea -- Barry Allen discovers some disturbing clues.
I Am Grodd: Part 4 -- Joel Ellis Rea -- What is the astounding secret shared by both Gorilla Grodd and Barry Allen?
I Am Grodd: Part 5 -- Joel Ellis Rea -- In the conclusion to this proposed "Flash" TV show episode, Grodd's true intentions are revealed.

Nightwing - Black Ops -- John Westcott -- A Major Nightwing Epic!
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Half Empty Bowl, Half Full -- by David J. LoTempio -- A 2nd helping of Chicken Soup For The Supervillain Soul! International intrigue in Vlatava imperils Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner!
Half Empty Bowl, Half Full: Part Two -- by David J. LoTempio -- The mystery in Vlatava deepens! Vertigo investigates as Blythe falls into enemy hands.
Half Empty Bowl, Half Full, Part Three -- by David J. LoTempio -- Count Vertigo discovers the truth behind the international intrigue surrounding Vlatava!

DC Futures Fan Fiction

Review: The DCF Stories -- Bruce Bachand
Batman DCF: "Heritage" -- Erik Burnham -- The adventures of Richard Drake, Batman of the future!
DCFutures: Occult -- Tommy Hancock
DC Futures: Night Force -- Paul McNally
DC Futures: Batman -- Erik Burnham
Part one of a team -- up between the future Batman and Suicide Squad.
DC Futures: Suicide Squad -- Jason Tippitt -- Part 2 of a 4 -- part crossover with DCF:Batman!
DC Futures: Batman #19 -- Erik Burnham -- Part 3 of "Squad Run"
DC Futures: Batman -- Jason Tippitt -- "Squad Run" concludes
DC Futures: Suicide Squad -- Jason Tippitt -- In a special project called "DCF Goes to the Movies", Hourman is in The Bodyguard!
DC Futures: Dr. Mid-Nite #1 -- Schuyler Bush -- A self -- contained story: the future Mid-Nite's first issue!
DC Futures: Dr. Mid-Nite -- Schuyler Bush -- Darkness is My Ally -- Part 2
DC Futures: Dr. Mid-Nite -- Schuyler Bush -- The final two chapters!
DC Futures: Batman -- Erik Burnham--Timequake, part one
DC Futures: Black Lightning -- Wayne Ligon --Black Lightning fights to help his community.

Yesteryear Fan Fiction

Yesteryear: A Man Named Kent -- Tommy Hancock -- Featuring Superman and Doc Savage.
Yesteryear: A Man Named Kent -- Tommy Hancock -- In "Three Nails", Kent teams with Mike Hammer
Yesteryear: Hawkman of Mongo -- Ali -- Hawkman and Flash Gordon.
Yesteryear: Man Named Kent -- Tommy Hancock -- "Clues", part one
Yesteryear: Hawkman of Mongo -- Ali -- Part 2 of the Hawkman/Flash Gordon story

Writing Challenges

Redeem a ruined superhero!
Crossovers and Team-Ups!
Arkham Asylum's Vacation
Villainy on Vacation
The Vile Vial


If you're new to the "Alt.Showcase.94" Project, you should really, really, REALLY start at the very beginning and read the four prior installments before reading the following three pages. Alt.Showcase.94 has been building up to this dramatic conclusion...but if you haven't at least read previous segments of the Starman story, you won't get the ending! So we're offering several ways to catch up:

First of all, you can go back to the first installment in Issue 13 and start reading from there. Alt.showcase.94 continues in issues 14-17.

OR, if you've only missed some of it...or would rather PICK-and-CHOOSE (though we recommend reading as much of it as possible) can go straight to the articles thusly:

Background gives you some idea of what inspired this project and fills you in on some necessary information:
Introduction -- Joel Rea
Career of the Will Payton Starman -- Joel Rea
Summary of ARMAGEDDON: 2001 -- Joel Rea
New Bloods - read at least a couple of the New Blood stories so you'll know what they have in common besides being about New Bloods:
Terrorsmith -- David R. Black
Razorsharp -- Louise Freeman Davis
Argus -- Robert Lee
Jamm -- Chaim Mattis Keller
Ballistic -- Allan R. Thomas
Sparx -- Gil Carter
New Blood: Joe Public -- Michael Hutchison -- It's rough balancing crime-fighting & teaching!
Starman - This is the part you really must read all the way through:
Starman, Life After Death pt. 1 -- Joel Rea
Starman, Life After Death pt. 2 -- Joel Rea
Starman, Life After Death pt. 3 -- Joel Rea
Starman, Life After Death pt. 4 -- Joel Rea -- The astounding conclusion. A MUST READ!

Finale -- Joel Rea -- The conclusion!

The Reclamation Project

Entry #1 Blue Devil -- Tim J. Priebe
Entry #2 Hawkman -- Alan Kistler
Entry #3 Guy Gardner -- Gil Carter
Entry #4 Power Girl -- Carol A. Strickland
Entry #5 Nighthawk -- David R. Black
Entry #6 Deathstroke -- Louise F. Davis
Entry #7 Firestorm -- J. Reber
Entry #8 Ice -- Keri Wilson

Team-Ups and Crossovers

Home -- Michael Rees
Last Herald of Galactus -- Dannell Lites
Beyond the Pale -- D.J. LoTempio
Enter the Lost World -- David R. Black
Sibling Rivalry -- Gil Carter
Girltalk -- Erik Merk
The Bodyguard -- Syl Francis
Three Sumos & a Baby -- David Schock
Conclusion and Winner!

Arkham Asylum's Vacation

The Tally -- Michael Rees -- Mr. Zsasz may lose count of his scars when he tries to eliminate Resurrection Man! Oops!
The Joker's Whiz-Bang! -- Seth Gottlieb -- The Joker heads for good ol' Fawcett City.
Prepare for Trouble! -- Seth Gottlieb -- Part 2 of Joker Vs. the Marvel Family, as Mary Marvel is kidnapped by the Joker!
Scarface's Vegas Vacation -- Robert Flynn -- Vegas is always overrun by showmen...but never moreso than when Blue Beetle and Booster Gold tackle the Ventriloquist!
A Fear Of Me -- Michael Rees -- The Scarecrow causes Leesburg to fear Supergirl!
Small Potatoes -- David R. Black -- Agent Cameron Chase is finally given D.E.O. duty again...but if it's chasing the Signalman, is it worth it?
Belief -- Nicolas Juzda -- Maxie Zeus encounters ????
Of Bugs and Men -- Scott Rogers -- Blue Beetle encounters Charaxis
Circus! -- David R. Black -- Legion Subs vs. A Quartet of Misfit Villains
Collector's Item -- Michael Condon -- The Mad Hatter vs. er...A New Hat
Green Future -- Michael Rees -- Poison Ivy vs. Titans
Hooray For Hollywood! -- Dannell Lites -- Angel and the Ape vs. Clayface
Idiot's Delight -- Michael Condon -- The Idiot Returns
Mere Mortals As Victims of History -- D. J. LoTempio -- Maxie Zeus vs. Wonder Girl and Troia
Mister Zeus Goes To Washington -- Chaim Mattis Keller -- Green Arrow vs. Maxie Zeus
Judging! -- Michael Hutchison -- Who will win the Fanzing t-shirt for best fiction entry?

Villainy On Vacation

Fifth vs. Fourth -- Michael Rees -- Hourman vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk
Never Smile At A Killer Crocodile -- Ed Buckler -- Plastic Man vs. Killer Croc
The Bug That Wasn't Crushed Beneath Luthor's Heel -- Don Ricciardi -- Blue Beetle vs. Lex Luthor
Diamonds Are An Outsider's Best Friend -- David R. Black -- The Outsiders vs. Mirror Master & Rainbow Raider!
Insect Queen -- Dannell Lites -- Lana Lang vs. Poison Ivy
Takes One To Know One, Part One -- Michael Hutchison -- Elongated Man vs. The Riddler! It's geek vs. geek!
Takes One To Know One, Part Two -- Michael Hutchison
Takes One To Know One, Part Three -- Michael Hutchison
Takes One To Know One, Part Four -- Michael Hutchison
Have Joker, Will Travel -- Michael Rees -- Harley Quinn hits the road with a Joker android!
Scripture -- Michael Rees -- Batman must cope with a mysterious villain
Loose Ends -- Michael Rees -- Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hatch a plan for rounding up the escapees.
Villainy On Vacation: Finale! -- Michael Hutchison & David R. Black -- The conclusion we've all been waiting for!
Results of the "Villainy on Vacation" Challenge --

The Vile Vial

The Vile Vial: Release -- Michael Hutchison -- The intro to the Vile Vial story! Villains and heroes are all affected (and infected)!
Prometheus Justified -- David J. LoTempio -- A Catwoman who can't steal, Prometheus a member of the Justice League, and an ending that threatens justice for all.
Scarlet Speed Trap -- David R. Black -- A JLA team attempts to stop the Flashes.
We Now Take You Live -- Nicolas Juzda -- WHO can stop...the INFERIOR FIVE???
That Was Then -- Ed Buckler -- Ralph Dibny & Plastic Man make an evil elastic duo
Legacy -- Michael Rees -- Can anyone stop an infected Green Lantern?
Invasions from Other Planets -- Nicolas Juzda -- Adam Strange confronts an alien armada...and the Vile Virus goes intergalactic.
Invasions from Other Planets - Part 2: Overwhelmed and Fallen -- Nicolas Juzda -- Adam Strange must stop the virus from spreading across Rann!
Invasions from Other Planets - Part 3: Resistance -- Nicolas Juzda -- The astounding conclusion to the acclaimed Adam Strange epic!
Winds of Change -- Mark Anderson -- An evil Mr. Teriffic corrupts the Red Tornado and releases him on an unsuspecting Happy Harbor!
Opposite Perceptions -- David R. Black --Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner head to Metropolis to deal with the fallout from Scarlet Speedtrap and Prometheus Justified!
Traduce-- D. J. LoTempio -- Metropolis Ablaze! The White House Destroyed! Luthor vs Batman! And the only man whom can save us is Commissioner Gordon!
The Young and the Evil -- Martin Kelly -- With the help of Young Justice, Robin plots to destroy Batman.
Feast of Fools -- Matt Morrison -- To stop a viral infected Bat-Family, Scarecrow must send a special team into Gotham. With Harley Quinn, The Trickster and most of Batman's Rogues Gallery!
Vile Vial: Are You Interested in the Watchtower? -- by Michael Hutchison-- Will Superman use the JLA alpha files to stop the infected heroes? Plus: Will G'nort go bad?
Vile Vial: Eve of Destruction -- by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison -- The conclusion to the Vile Vial saga!
Vile Vial Secret Files: Lost Pages -- by Nicolas Juzda -- Read all about the missing gaps between stories!
Vile Vial Secret Files: Creating the End -- by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison -- Go behind the scenes and into the minds of the creators behind the conclusion!
Vile Vial Results -- Fanzing needs your help to determine the winner!
Vile Vial ResultsFinally! The winner of the Vile Vial Challenge!


A Gathering of Angels -- by Dannell Lites -- Azrael meets the "Touched By An Angel" cast!
Seinfeld: The Power -- by Michael Rees --Seinfeld and the gang cope with superpowers!
Escape From Krypton? -- by Hazel -- Confused by the current continuity's contradictions regarding Superman's origin? Well, here is the real truth of the matter!
101 Pumpkin Uses For the Holidays -- by Cliff Roberts -- Watch out Martha Stewart, here comes Poison Ivy!
DC TV Challenge Results -- Don't change the channel! The results are in!


Broken Mirror -- by Syl Francis -- Gotham City's defender, Catwoman, must stop the new threat to her city, a mysterious thief known only as the Batman!
By the Dawn's Early Light -- by Sandra Miller -- As the heroes of Earth battle Ch'ton invaders, Dick Grayson wonders if being a costumed crimefighter is the best way to help his world!
True Colors -- by Rachel Ehrlich -- The Titans go medieval
The First and Greatest of Them All -- by L.T. Hayes -- The Spectre rescues a well known Golden Age hero from the recesses of Hypertime!
Part of the Game -- by Dannell Lites -- A killer is stalking Olympic athletes Wally West, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon!
Young, Just Us -- by Arlene Pon -- High school stinks, especially when brainiac Tim Drake learns he must tutor fotball star Conal!
Barry Me Not! -- by Ron Schablotski -- Barry Slade, the fastest gun in the West, must save showgirl Black Canary!
Twenty -- by Nikoru-chan -- A mysterious doctor is out to capture an urban legend...Robin the Boy Wonder!
Holy Terror 2: Picking Up The Pieces -- by Dannell Lites -- A sequel to the Cromwellian-era Batman Elseworlds of the same name!
A Meeting on Earth Prime -- by Bob Meadows -- You'd be mad too if they were writing you out of character!
Explanation -- by Adrian Tullberg -- What could cause Batman to reveal his deepest secret?
Justice Society: Continuations -- by Allen Neuner -- The JSA refuses to be disbanded by the Un-American Activities Committee
The Legion of Frontier Heroes -- by Chaim Mattis Keller -- Can the Legion solve the mystery behind Doctor Universo's Miracle Tonic?
In the Dark, Dark Night... -- by "Blinky the Tree Frog" -- With Batman dead and Azrael in prison, Nightwing must contain a full scale breakout at Arkham!
Anarky and Chaos -- by Mathew D. Rhys -- Can Joe Potato prevent Anarky from bombing an oil refinery?
The Origin -- by Seth Gottlieb -- Whom will the Power of Shazam be bequeathed to?
Crisis Survivor -- by Carl J. Gonzales - - The Earth 2 Dick Grayson escapes from Arkham!
The Doom of Day: Still Me, Superman -- by Chris T. Klien -- A story within the continuity of the Superman movies
Oz -- by Cyndi Smith -- Answering the doorbell changes Dick Grayson's life...forever!
Elseworlds Challenge Results -- And the winner is...

Feeb Off

The Case of the Disappearing Heiress -- by Syl Francis -- Private Investigator Jason Bard tries to find out why someone seems determined to drive his newest client crazy!
Glass and Shadows -- by Mathew D. Rhys - Former New Blood hero Geist just wants to get on with his life, but someone won't let him
A Mite's Tale -- by Bat-Mite (as told to Eric Lindberg) - Bat Mite wants you to know the truth! He's not just a joke!
The Return of Genius Jones -- by Gerald Wilson - From the pages of the golden age Adventure Comics comes Genius Jones!
Whatever Happened To Mind-Grabber Kid? -- by Harvey Kent - Silver Age JLA villain Mind-Grabber Kid may finally get a chance to be a hero!
One Life In Gotham City -- by Mathew D. Rhys - What was New Blood hero Joe Public doing during Cataclysm and No Man's Land?
The Wandering Ruin -- by "Murmur The Fallen" - Captain Comet pays a visit to Wonderworld
Feeb Off Challenge Results -- We have a winner!


The Girl of Steel -- by "Dr. Thinker" -- Who is Kiz Kiz-El? And what is she doing on Earth?
Who was the First Star Rover? -- by Chaim Mattis Keller -- Each member of the Star Rovers thinks they were the first, but who really was?
In Search of Kal -- by Bob Meadows -- What if Jor El was wrong about the destruction of Krypton?
Origins Challenge Results -- Who will win the Origins challenge?

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